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Our School

Valley Preschool is a highest, 4-star rated Parent Aware program; a non-profit, fully-licensed preschool learning center for children ages 33 months-5 years.

Located in historic Stillwater, Minnesota, VPS is owned and operated by its Board of Directors who work collaboratively with the organization's Director to ensure its commitments and sustainability.

The physical environment of Valley Preschool is child-centered. Each room is carefully structured in response to the child's sense of order and need for movement

in the process of learning.  

Elements of the environment are changed throughout the year to stimulate interest, provide multi-sensory experiences and promote sequential hands-on learning.  

Built on a rich tradition spanning over 50 years, Valley has operated under the same name with the same goal in mind: providing children with an exceptional environment of hands-on learning and discovery! 


Our Mission

The mission of Valley Preschool is straight-forward and simple: we are committed to fostering intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and academic growth in each of our young children.

Our goal is to inspire confidence in each child to try his/her hardest and to feel proud knowing that they did their best.

We want each child to feel valued and loved. 

We hope that through our efforts, each student will know the value of community and feel a strong sense that he/she plays an important part in it.


Our Philosophy

Children are unique and individual in the ways they learn.  The classroom provides learning opportunities to accommodate the interests and abilities of each child. Teaching methods take into account

different learning styles and rates of learning. 
Our teachers take care to provide an environment where children feel valued and accepted.

By modeling and consciously practicing developmentally-appropriate communication skills, teachers help support children’s abilities to effectively communicate – both with the goal of finding their own voice,

as well as hearing those of others. 
The development of social skills with peers as well as adults is an important component of Valley Preschool's program. Children are given the freedom to explore a variety of social interactions appropriate for their age level and are encouraged to participate in cooperative learning experiences. 


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum follows the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress from Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards and is activity based and developmentally appropriate.

Meaningful activities are planned to help children develop communication skills, an understanding of themselves and others and an appreciation of the world around them. Activities are open-ended to encourage children to be curious and to make discoveries and meaningful connections.

It is influenced by the educational theories and methods of Maria Montessori and John Dewey, the discoveries of developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, and the current trends in American education such as learning preference and cooperative learning.  

The curriculum aligns with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress from Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards and draws from a variety of resources which are activity based and developmentally appropriate.

Our Staff

Our teachers are highly experienced and educated in early childhood development and possess a strong love for children.

They are well-known for their

warmth, respect, and creativity in working with young children.

Through their talents, insight,

and tireless dedication, the staff at Valley Preschool work together to craft

an exceptional educational

experience for your child.


Our Parents & Families

Valley Preschool was started in 1970 by a committed group of parents from the St. Croix Valley and surrounding areas.

From those earliest days to now, Valley has continued to thrive thanks to the involvement of our families.

While there are no requirements to become involved, there are many opportunities throughout the year for those looking to do so.

From class field trips and parties, to fundraisers and social events, we make connecting families a priority. 

We hope you consider joining us!

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